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They Are Cowards: Mehbooba Mufti On BJP And Centre

 Previous Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti today leveled genuine charges against the public authority blaming it for utilizing the NIA, Enforcement Directorate and the CBI against her family members and her gathering. 

Mehbooba said the public authority is attempting to connect her with fear financing as it neglected to get any defilement accusations against her. She said the public authority is so frantic to discover something against her that it has begun examination concerning cemetery of her dad, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed. She said if the public authority needs to place her in prison, let it do it. 'Be that as it may, don't annoy my family, my partners,' she said. 

'They host been composing obits of my get-together for as long as long term. We just battled 60 seats in the DDC surveys and we won almost 30 seats. On the off chance that they can't battle me politically it isn't my concern, it is their concern. This ED, NIA and the CBI maltreatment by them isn't right. We are looking for everything under Indian Constitution. Article 370 reclamation goes under Constitution. Our plan is under Constitution. I won't stay quiet with regards to Kashmir issue,' she said. 

'I don't have a clue about this could be my last question and answer session as of now they have taken our chiefs and they are not disclosing to them why and where they are being taken,' she said. 

'The witch-chase dispatched by the public authority of India against us has arrived at its pinnacle. For as long as two years they have been taking a gander at my resources. They have been seeing where is my home, where is my territory. As they didn't get anything, they have begun pursuing our family members, our companions and associates. They are being assaulted. Both the NIA and the Enforcement Directorate have been weaponized. They are being utilized as weapons,' Mehbooba said. 

'You know PDP pioneer Waheed-ur-Rehman Parra was captured around the same time he presented the structure for the DDC political decision. For one month the NIA kept him in authority and they had just reason to cause him to consent to state something with the goal that they could lay their hands on me. There are no defilement cases and that is the reason they need to interface us with fear,' the previous boss pastor said. 

'Waheed was tormented for one month. He was denied of rest. Around 200 to 250 individuals cross examined him in the previous one month. They needed him to state that he would affirm (against me). After that our family members and our partners' homes are assaulted. Anjum Fazili is a previous MLA and a companion of mine. Her home in Srinagar and Delhi has been struck. They have removed senior PDP pioneers Sartaj Madani, Mansoor Mir, Bashir Mir, Naeem Akhtar. I am stating removed as there is no request, no capture request. Nothing. They come and remove them,' Mehbooba said. 

'I have been passed on numerous multiple times that I should deal with my inclinations and quit making a fuss over Jammu and Kashmir. I didn't consent to it. I am not somebody who could settle Kashmir issue. I am not so large. Yet, I would keep on raising voice for the benefit of individuals of Jammu and Kashmir who were burglarized on August 5, 2019,' Mehbooba said. 

'The NIA, the CBI and the ED are being utilized as weapons against us by the public authority. Despite the fact that they are for the most part genuine insightful organizations and they should research intense charges, they here examining even cemetery where my dad Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is covered. They have been exploring where from cash came for the memorial park and other such things,' Mehbooba added. 

'My dad warmly greeted them for a major intention and now he isn't there, they are exploring his burial ground. They are reviewing his burial ground. The public authority of India is making circumstance of aggravation to this degree that even advance of the banks is viewed as wrongdoing. My sister is profoundly qualified specialist and they are in any event, checking her records,' Mehbooba said. 

'I need to tell the BJP that on the off chance that they need to battle they should battle me strategically. The BJP has all force. Allow them to battle with me strategically. Not through NIA, ED and CBI. Why you are thinking of these NIA, ED, CBI attacks? Had I some property, they wouldn't have been taking a gander at the tombstone of my dad,' she said. 

'Through Waheed they attempted to interface me to dread subsidizing. They attempted to interface me with assailant families,' she said. 

'Connecting me to dread financing through Waheed is weakness. They are quitters,' she added. 

'I am rehashing it that if the BJP and the public authority of India needs to battle me, it should battle strategically. It shouldn't utilize the NIA, CBI and the ED. They have changed over these organizations into their whores and special ladies,' she said. 'In the event that they government needs to follow me, they should straightway come to me as opposed to pursuing my family, my family members and my family,' she said.

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