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IIT Bombay develops mobile app 'CORONTINE'

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The cellphone program 'CORONTINE' wouldbe set up about the phone of both asymptomatic carriers (AC) with an accredited service (AA).  The program will talk about with the GPS coordinates of those phones over the normal periods having a host below the oversight of licensed agency.  The program will auto discover the motion of consumer in the event the consumer leaves a quarantined zone indicated by means of a Geo Fence and certainly can create after that the government will take steps alerts through e mail or sms.
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A-team in IIT-Bombay  has generated a portable program  called 'CORONTINE'.  Even the'CORONTINE' program intends to greatly help the police at monitoring  that the asymptomatic carriers and block the spread of this COVID-19 illness.  

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